Create an Adult Video Blog – Tube Ace for WordPress Plugin & Responsive Theme

Tube Ace WordPress Plugin & Theme for Adult Video 

Import RedTube Videos Automatically

Tube Ace for WordPress Plugin allows you to import porn videos from RedTube automatically (using wordpress cron) by keywords / tags to your WordPress website. Using the RedTube API, Tube Ace can quickly import thousands of embedded videos.There’s no need to worry about bandwidth costs since RedTube is hosting the embedded videos.

RedTube Import

Import Sponsor Hosted Videos

Many adult websites have affiliate programs which supply promotional videos clips where you can earn a commssion (pay-per-sale or revenue sharing) by selling memberships. Tube Ace for WordPress plugin makes it easy to import these videos. Again, these videos are hosted by the sponsor so you don’t have to worry about hosting and bandwidth costs.

Import Videos

Responsive HTML5 WordPress Theme

Utilizing the Bootstrap CSS Framework, the Tube Ace WordPress Theme  works on Desktop, Tablets and Mobile Devices.



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